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FlexiLearn is a national portal for postgraduate education and continuous professional development in Ireland, which is supported by a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) enabling remote and block-delivery of courses. This site includes Business and Innovation Lectures Series presentations of ICGEE and INSPIRE graduate research education programmes recorded during 2011 & 2012 Business, Innovation & Entrepreneurship workshops held in Dublin, Ireland.


Cambridge 2012 combines OER12 and the OCW Consortium’s Global Conference. The conference theme, Innovation and Impact: Openly collaborating to enhance education, brings together academics, professionals, students and policy makers interested in advancing the impact of OpenCourseWare and Open Educational Resources on education globally.

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VideoLectures.NET is an award-winning free and open access educational video lectures repository. The lectures are given by distinguished scholars and scientists at the most important and prominent events like conferences, summer schools, workshops and science promotional events from many fields of Science.

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International Conference on Strategic and Creative Marketing, Travel Zoom, held from 21 to 23 March 2012 at Bled, was the biggest marketing event for tourism to date. Over 70 speakers from 15 European countries shared their knowledge and expertise and we caught it all on tape!

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Why all this POMP? Because companies and brands have never before in history been confronted with such big communication challenges and opportunities. Because you need effective and strategic communication and marketing. Because you cannot afford to not know the opportunities offered by content marketing.

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Since 1992, NIL has been at the forefront of advanced contributors to strategic partner Cisco’s technologies, learning curriculum and value-added solutions deployed to clients around the globe. Today, NIL holds the highest certifications offered by Cisco, VMware, EMC, HP, IBM, Microsoft, RSA, IronPort, VCE and others.

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Hekovnik Startup School provides targeted accelerator courses to hackers, entrepreneurs and academia to help them change the world.

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SZKO is a non-profit NGO based civil service with the aim to become a recognized player in the field of quality and excellence in Slovenia.

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The Commission for the Prevention of Corruption of the Republic of Slovenia is an independent state body like the human rights Ombudsman, Information Commissioner or the Court of Audit with a mandate in the field of preventing and investigating corruption, breaches of ethics and integrity of public office.

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The world is changing and we need to know how to go with the flow. INSIDE conference is place where meetings industry suppliers and agencies meet innovative start-ups and digital entrepreneurs, and where the meetings industry meets to explore the technologies that are transforming their businesses.

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Kiberipa is an important catalyst for the Slovene cybernetic scene and fosters creative and critical approaches in the age of an information society. Operating as a cultural centre, computer laboratory and Internet café (with free wireless access). It engages primarily in open code programming and the recycling of computer devices, it organises workshops, lectures, and entertainment and information events.

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With 900 offices and laboratories in more than 140 countries and over 40,000 employees, Bureau Veritas offers a wide range of services focused on the monitoring and assessment, testing and certification of quality, hygiene and safety in health and the environment and social responsibility.

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The Kongres Magazine is a leading communications medium in the field of meetings industry. It gathers and distributes know-how related to the organisation of meetings for the world’s top professionals and analyses the development of meetings industry in Southeast Europe, Europe and with new addendum called Kongres Travelogue also in other continents especially Asia.

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The first conference on e-democracy and e-participation, which are carried out by a team of and ARNES is a successful example of combining different disciplines in the field of e-democracy.

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