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Video-with-Slides publishing made Easy

Captivate 300% more audience by adding slide presentations to your videos

Presenting lecture Videos and Slides "side-by-side" will help your business leverage on your knowledge.
It may also simplify publication process and save your time.

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Publish videos with slides

Publish presentation videos within minutes

Create top quality video lectures by easily uploading your talk's video recording and presentation slides and then matching them together on a timeline with a few clicks in your browser.

We will automatically process your Powerpoint and PDF files and provide crystal quality images on desktop browsers and mobile devices at all resolutions.

  • Record your conference
  • Upload the videos
  • Sync the speakers slides
  • Publish!

Your site, your content, your colors

Feel free to configure your site the way you like and use it the way it makes most sense to your business. Stay in control of your content at all times and use built-in access control to choose what is shown publicly and who gets to see restricted videos.

You can also embed your videos into your existing sites.

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The most efficient way to watch lectures online

Do you remember when was the last time You watched a full one-hour lecture in one sitting with full attention?
So give your visitors a relief and provide them with easy-to-navigate lecture timeline so that they can better focus their attention. Let them zoom-in on slides to easily read texts or keep their focus on the speaker.

Research shows that body language is important in building trust and engaging viewers while reading slides improves recall. Giving visitors a chance to select the ideal mix of both will make them pay more attention to presented content.

Stop losing your audience on inaccessible videos

On typical video platforms, people will just keep dropping off throughout the lecture. But given switchable slides, people can now skip through lengthy introductions and navigate directly to interesting chapters - where they will actually stay longer.

Visitors will engage better and interact more. More interactions also gives us more opportunities to measure what is going on and even draw you a chart of hottest chapters in your talks.

Giving more control gets you happier visitors and better statistics

It has been shown that sites with navigatable videos engage people for up to 3 times longer. The gains are even better after taking in account that they have likely spent that extra time selectively discovering and cherry-picking parts that they find interesting.

By making the user experience more playful and interactive, visitors are also more likely to engage with other content on the same site - resulting in reduced bounce rates and better conversion.

Turn your videos into business

Integrate your online videos with mayor payment providers and create new revenue streams with your high quality content.

Keep some videos open and use them as a marketing tool to acquire e-mail addresses of potential visitors.

Stay in touch with your conference attendees

Give your conference visitors awesome extra value by letting them see the talks they have missed. Upload an Excel sheet with attendees' contact information and send them an automated invitation e-mail with access permit in a few clicks.

Use built-in analytics tools to find out which content generates most interest and what you should focus on when organizing your next event.

Simple hosting prices, no surprises

Pay as you go. No per-user or per-view fees. No long term contracts.

Monthly site subscription 50 videos included
50 €/mo.

Your package includes: Fully brandable web site ready for video upload. Publish videos locally or embed them into other sites and blogs. Configurable social sharing. Simple password access protection. Site statistics and analytics.

Each additional video 1€ /mo. ($1.33/mo.)

So when is Viidea right for me?

  • I organize events or record lecture presentations and would like to publish them online
  • I need to easily and efficiently synchronize videos with slide presentations
  • I wish to provide better customer experience to visitors of my conference video site
  • I publish and sell my conference recordings online
  • I record my organization's internal seminars and presentations and need to publish video lectures safely online for our internal use
  • I need to record and publish instructions and tutorials and then safely share them with my friends, partners, employees
  • I need physical help with video recording and publishing my conference online [contact us...]