Automatic slide synchronization screencast

  • April 2012


This is an example of Viidea's automated slide synchronization at work.

The setup:
While video recording the lecture, a second camera was directed into the slide projection screen recording just slides. At the same time, this auxiliary camera was also recording sounds in the lecture hall.

The process:

  1. Original slide images were loaded into the program
  2. A video containing slide projection screen recording was loaded and processed
  3. The software automatically detects slide transitions (some redundant transitions have also appeared)
  4. Images from physical slide recording are then matched to originals
  5. The real lecture video recording is then loaded into the program (the recording itself is not shown)
  6. Slide transitions are matched and synchronized to the real lecture video based on matching the audio recording from the auxiliary camera with the presenter's speech recording
  7. The synchronization is then saved to a file ready for upload to Viidea portal.